Who Are We?


My Name is Michelle. I am a stay at home mom. I work one day a week just to get a break from my kids and my house. I am also a student but i am having to take some time off for now. And that handsome man in the photo is Carl, my husband. We have been together forever (well almost anyways). We got married on our 5 year anniversary in November 2009.  We are polar opposites but we compliment each other perfectly.

Within a year of getting married I got pregnant. And surprise! ITS TWINS….! Ohh yay. Now dont get me wrong Twins are amazing and is a blessing to have them. But you also have to keep in mind terrible twos (and threes and fours) times two!!! They are my little hellions they Love to do anything and everything that makes me crazy. Their favorite attack method is to divide and conquer. and for a close second would be to a little method know in my house a tag teaming. in other words while you are explaining to one child why digging in the trash is not okay they other goes to dig in the trash. This often repeats about 10 times.


This is my little Ryder Storm Dye. He is the most giving child ever. If his sister wants anything that he has he automatically hands it over to her. I still haven’t decided rather or not this is a good thing.  He loves being outside all the time and loves tools and tractors. He is a shy kid and is quite frankly afraid of other children. He Is a huge mammas boy and is practically glued to my hip most of the day. He is a huge flirt and did I mention how perfectly handsome he is? He is also very smart. He loves to learn new things and has always been pretty advanced for his age. He has a memory that amazes me everyday. He loves his sister more than anything in the world and would do anything for her. He is very affectionate and loves being close to the people he cares about.




And this little beauty Is Miss Araya Sunshine and she is just that, a great big ball of sunshine! She is soo caring and can’t stand to see people hurt or crying. She is also my diva child. she Has an attitude and personality that can be seen from a mile away. She Loves being the center for attention. She is always doing things to make people laugh and she has a style all her own. She loves clothes and anything “cute”.  She is our instigator of the group. She is a fast learner especially when it comes to getting into things she shouldn’t. She is also quite possibly the biggest daddy’s girl I have ever seen. She cries for him almost every morning when he has to leave for work. She is also a little mama. She LOVES babies and animals. She always has least one or two baby dolls with her playing mommy, feeding changing and caring for them all day every day. She is also Miss independent and can’t stand to let someone help her with something.

I really don’t know what I would do without these three in my life. It gets hard at times. and they drive me crazy but at the end of the day I thank God for every day he gives me with them.


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